Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, June 23, 2008

I know only yesterday I said 5 blogs. Well today it has grown to 6!

I had always intended to improve substantially on the "About me" sections that appear on various sites and one thing I was intending was to add a list of my various magazine articles and posts off my own blogs. I wanted it as one of those expanding menus you see on some Web sites. That means dusting off my Javascript skills. Not a problem - but just something else in the queue of things to get done.

Anyway sat at lunch I had a brainwave. Why not do it as a blog? Turn off commenting and the facilities for managing categories in the blog software (well Wordpress anyway) will give me the sort of menu structure I was looking for without having to code. Why code when one can just configure within a blog template? I'm finally starting to see blog software as a general purpose web development tool rather than just as a traditional weblog. And it certainly didn't take long to get the shell up at I know, I should be more inventive with my URLs but its only a hub for the other sites so it doesn't actually need a fancy web address.

Talking of which I may have found a great unregistered .com domain for my planned tech tips blog. Shhhh! I'm not saying any more about that until I have registered it later in the week. I also don't want to mention it in case it proves to be unavailable. I don't know if you have noticed but some sites show names to be available when others don't? In this case Nameboy claims it has been registered but 1and1 and Network Solutions sites both say it is free. I'll find out ... so watch this space.

So now just the long trudge of getting all my old articles and material referenced, categorised and up on the blog. But then when I come to do things in future I'll be able to put my hands on all the stuff I have written in the past so it will save me time in the long term. Just not in the next few days.

Still tonight Virgin 1 gives us both Star Trek TNG and Enterprise so I'll type as I watch.