Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well four of my five intended public blogs are up and running, although some fine tuning will no doubt be needed over the next few weeks, like adding a Digg option to articles here. They are:




1.This one (the name does need improving doesn't it?)My personal
2.General Business AdministrationAdvice on a wide range of business
3.B2B Dating: Marketing Employee BenefitsAdvice on selling professional
4.Valley of the KingsArchaeological news from
5.TBAKate's tech tipsTBA

They are well-focused: and are business advice; then there is my personal blog and the one consolidating news coming out of Egypt on the search for fresh (hopefully undisturbed) tombs of pharoahs;and finally there will probably be a blog of tech tips because I keep in working out how to do things and it seems to make sense to record the solution so I can find it easily in future. If the tips are useful to other people then that would just be bonus. I just need to think up a good subdomain name!

There may yet be a sixth. My father was a landsape artist and I've been planning a web showcase of his work. A blog may be the best way of doing that, although the template would need to be very different to any of the ones I have used for the first four blogs. Talking of which, a thank you and commendation to Amanda Fazani at who wrote the template that I have used for this blog. Incidentally the two personal blogs are in Blogger and two business ones in Wordpress reflectling pretty much my feelings of the two platformss.

In addition, I'm working on a couple of new networks over at, a better profile page to describe my background and a list of my contributions to magazines and other blogs. Enough to keep me busy for now ... and the weather seems finally to have turned sunny at last.