Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, December 29, 2008

I'd not heard of this until someone told me about it. As a photographer, I hate it when someone keeps getting in my pictures. My top peeves are:

1) You're with someone in a group on holiday and he's constantly at the front taking uninterrupted pictures ... and getting in everyone else's.

2) You wait patiently out of shot so someone can get a photo. They often wave imperiously you to keep out of the way Take forever to get the shot then, without saying thank you, saunter casually straight into the scene so you can't take the photo you've clearly been waiting for.

That's photobombing. Apparently some people do it deliberately. Arrgggghhhh!


Les Visible said...

Hi Kate,
Some of my good friends and I have fun putting ourselves in pictures of unknown people. This usually takes place when tourists take family shots with some famous building in the background. Our trick is to wait until the "family" is in place and then casually walk into the background (behind the family) whilst making stupid faces or dressed unusually stupidly.

In this way when these guys get home we will be with them in spirit. At the end of a session the winner is the person with the most includes and the loser buys a round.

I estimate that our group has more pictures of ourselves included in family albums around the world than anyone else. Sadly Guinness won't record our record in their book without proof and we don't have addresses either just memories and a few laughs.

Keep up the blogging and our apologies if you happen to find us in your album.

Les Visible