Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, February 14, 2009

That was Howard Carter's immortal phrase when he first peered into Tutankhamun's tomb. The signs are that another mega discovery has been made in the Valley of the Kings. It's known that at least two new tombs have been found and opened, although surprisingly Main Street newspapers have yet to cover the story.

There are 63 principal known tombs in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. Of those only Tutankhamun's has worldwide fame because it was by popular perception intact In fact it wasn't but had been robbed of numerous items of jewelry. So why should KV-64 and KV-65 (or KV64 & KV65 if you prefer), as the new tombs will be known, be any more remarkable than the 62 tombs other than Tutankhamun's? Because there are increasing hints that one is the tomb of a previously unknown Queen. Unknown means that none of her funerary goods are in circulation - or were reused in another tomb. In other words, her tomb may be intact.

And the archaeologist in charge of the excavation has just launched a very glossy new personal website, clearly professionally designed and maintained. This site also has a privacy policy based on marketing 'products' to readers. That could just be books but it looks to me like someone getting ready to deal with Carter-like fame.

I could be wrong, of course, but I predict within 12 months there will be reports on television that archaeologists have found 'wondrous things' in Egypt.


dave said...

Kate you should have been a detective or a creative writer if u r wrong!

Chris said...

I agree with your take completely. I believe Dr. Hawass is trying to keep things under wraps until the SCA is better prepared to deal with the flood of people that would otherwise overwhelm the Valley upon a discovery such as this may be. This isn't another KV63, else he wouldn't have moved his office to Luxor. Wow.