Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, July 31, 2009

Sadly all of Newsgator's free offerings will be withdrawn at the end of August. I was using a mobile application and an Outlook application. Newsgator kept them in sync so if I read something on the mobile, it was marked read in Outlook. And when I couldn't get to either my own laptop or mobile, I could read online - which was kept synchronised too.

They were great ... And free.

So I've migrated to Google Reader. I'm a fan of Google generally but I don't think Google reader is one of their better apps - and reading in a browser is my least favoured option but that won't change as Google wants to move people away from applications towards just working in a browser. That's their Microsoft-killing strategy.

Now my reading list is secure, I think I'll look what Microsoft offers as an alternative to Google Reader. I don't like this headlong rush to working in a browser. There's an option in Outlook I could turn on ... Just so long as I can find a way to use the streams when mobile (ie on the mobile phone).

The march of technical change isn't always forwards.