Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, August 08, 2009

I've embarked on another blog overhaul.  When one starts out, it's hard to know what one is likely to want in the short term.  I'm just about to delete one blog which never really got going  - because a blog wasn't the right format for the material.

The big task though is reworking the portal.  The PTPhiz news is being replaced with the main gallery of artwork, with the news posts relegated to the sidebar.  That's a bit technical to achieve because that isn't the structure of the "data": the news remains the main blog so far as Blogger is concerned and the gallery is just a re-syndication of the Wordpress blog.  It works but I need to spend time on the layout.

Similarly, this blog is moving too.  It's going to become an anchor blog on a second portal.  For those accustomed to having it as part of the same portal as my News from the Valley of the Kings portal. don't worry.  That'll still be possible too as I'll resyndicate it into the sidebar of Theban Moon.  Don't worry, it'll make sense when you see it and I think you'll prefer the new layout as will be able scan both of my personal blogs at the same time. None of the web addresses will change so no bookmarks will need to be changed. There's nothing you need to do, just don't be surprised when you see the top bar change colour.  (I've still not decided what colour scheme to go for - that's one source of the delay in implementing the change.)

There's also a new blog about my lenses on Squidoo.  You can find it at It's sat on a Wordpress multiuser site because that was where it was best to host it in terms of terms of the Squidoo community. Probably of no interest to anybody outside the Squidoo community.