Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Victoria Tube Station is used by thousands of rail passengers a day. It's cramped, badly organised and dingy. In fact it's so cramped it often has to be shut for 5 minutes a peak times to control congestion.

Now Westminster Tube Station, which doesn't have to deal with thousands of rail commuters, has an underground exit for MPs. It's bright airy and spacious.

Tourists I hear you counter, tourists not MPs. Hmmmm. So why is Tower Hill so poor then? Why is Covent Garden so utterly inadequate?


Jess H said...

prolly the same reasons as the close half the underground network every weekend... the MPs aren't there to use it...

Some weekends I think it would be quicker if TfL announced what was open.

Problem is decades of under investment, and gross under capacity. The Parisian RER - indeed the public transport in most major European cities - is a joy to behold.