Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, October 17, 2009

The newspapers report that although the contestants are expected to sing live, Cheryl Cole will be recording her performance set for broadcast tonight and she’ll be miming to tape.  I’ve just watched last week’s results show back and I’m pretty certain Alexandra Burke was miming on that as well.  It’s just about OK for Alex and other stars to mime, though something of a poor show, but it’s pretty inexcusable for Cheryl as one of the judges to mime.    It definitely affects her credibility as a judge. 


I’ve a lot of time for Cheryl.  She definitely cares for the acts and her apology last week to Kandy Rain showed her generosity of spirit.  But on a live singing contest, it’s not on to give established acts the benefit f pre-recording while expecting contestants to sing live.  That’s obviously an invidious comparison for the contestants and damages their reputations as singers.  For a judge who is responsible for promoting those acts not to see that is sad.


Mind you, that’s nothing compared with Dannii Minogue’s gaff about Danyl Johnson’s sexuality last week.  She was way out of line – and even repeated it when Simon asked her about it.  You could see Danyl was upset and though is mic was unfairly turned off you could clearly see him mouthing “I’m not gay”.  No wonder he was in tears.  There’s nothing wrong at all in being gay, but whether he is or not being outed on live television is cruel.  For Dannii to believe his sexuality was also somehow relevant when contestants are supposed to be measured on ability was also offensive and totally contrary to the fight for equality in this country.  No surprisingly Ofcom has received 3,885 complaints.  ((Some reports suggest that it’s now 4,500 complaints.) What is worrying, is that it has refused to act. 


Dannii did “apologise” on the results show but she tried to claim it was a joke – isn’t that always the excuse given.  It didn’t come across as a joke at the time – it very definitely came across as a bitchy comment.   I think it will depend what happens on Saturday.  If Dannii admits she was wrong and makes a full on air apology then that will be the end of the matter, but if she stays silent on the topic, I suspect more people will complain to Ofcom and attempt to force a formal investigation.


Is 2009 set to be the year for X Factor gaffs?


PS It was pretty obvious Simon Cowell was angry with Dannii when she made her comment and that Simon knew she had crossed the line.  At the very least I bet she got a severe tongue lashing from Simon so I doubt she got off scot free.