Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, November 23, 2009

Some were worried that the post yesterday wasn't me.  It was and now I'm writing about Disney Princess birthdays - which I know even less about than Twilight.  Jessica who sold me the other two lenses, has just sold me her top lens about Disney Princess Birthday Cakes.  It was expensive.  This one will take a full 6 months' of earnigs from the lens to recoup my investment - unless I can increase the income from it.  Good commercial practice.

It is surprising how popular Disney Princess themes birthdays are.  All birthdays have to have a cake, of course, so princess themed cakes are essential.  Literally thousands of people a month to the Internet for help in organising a princess theme birthday, and many of them want to decorate a Disney princess cake.  Snow White. Cinderella or one of the more modern Disney princessess.    And this is one of the key pages they use to help them with cake design or decoration.

Jessica has already started to broaden the lens to include other birthday ideas like Cinderella wall decals. That's my intention.  As it is one of the top lenses on Squidoo with a lot of traffic, it's a special "multi-page" lens - most Squidoo lenses are a flat single page.  That was the attraction as I want to make it a general Disney Princess Birthday resource with different sub-pages for princess birthday cakes, birthday gifts, dress-up costumes and so on.  I can then try to feed that interest into new focused lenses and boost income.  Slowly done, I think I can make it into several lenses.

So don't surprised if I post here about Disney Princesses, or Princess birthdays - it's going to take a decent chunk of time over the next few weeks.

PS It already has a sister - Princess Ariel the Little Mermaid