Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, July 01, 2010

There's news that China will be launching an English language TV channel worldwide. Great. I was stuck in Bangkok 18 months ago when the airport was occupied. BBC World, CNN and Fox News were useless. Their coverage of Asia is grossly superficial. We turned to Al Jazeera. It's the first - and so far only - time I've watched it but they cover Asia in detail. BBC World always seems to spend more time 'explaining' China or Thailand or even India, than covering the news. It's TV IMHO for someone with a Euro-centric view. CNN is Amero-centric [or is that Ameri-centric]. An international channel with a Chino-centric view.

Will it be biased? Of course. But equally nobody in their right minds should rely on the BBC or Fox. In fact I'm increasingly disappointed by the dumbed down coverage of international stories on the main BBC broadcasts - in fact many top stories bearly get a mention.

Personally I believe these days more than ever that we need to aggregate our news from multiple sources most of which will have a State or commercial bias.

Commercial bias is just as bad. If you read News International you'll read a lot about British libel laws inhibiting the British press. Excuse me! Why should reliable, unbiased and accurate press fear libel laws. What we really need is much stronger privacy laws to protect us from an intrusive press - but you won't read that in next week's Sunday times.

So an International Chinese channel is great even though it will probably be deeply flawed.