Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, September 17, 2010

I keep featuring some great videos, then a few weeks later the link dies. It makes the site much less valuable. It also suggests copyright violations are only addressed when someone complains. That's totally wrong, YouTube should check copyright on upload.

Of course they can't. Sooner or later though some lawyer is going to pin on them an obligation to do so. At that point the business model falls apart. It's typical Google. One might say it's typical California with complete freedom of information and Google publishing everything and anything on its sites. That's where it breaks down though. I don't see Google publishing their search algorithm. Apparently some intellectual property is still protected in the brave new world.

In truth we are living in a never-never la-la land of inconsistencies, one might say hypocrisies. A fudged compromise which doesn't work. We either need to move towards publishing platforms carrying the same responsibilty as newspapers for their content or two a world without copyright. Both have their pros and cons. Both are self-consistent. The present system of getting-away-with-it-until-challenged doesn't work and leads to wrong behavior. If I feature a photo I try to ascertain copyright. When YouTube has so much more resource than me, why should it behave any differently?


Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Kate.

I have so far avoided using YouTube videos on my blog. The reason is as you point out - not knowing how long the link will last. There's nothing more annoying than following a link of interest and finding some error message. Is there any other video sharing resource we could be looking at?