Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, March 03, 2012

I didn't know Anne had passed until I saw the news this morning.  So many of my favourite writers have now passed, perhaps that is a sign if getting old.  Frank Herbert, Asimov, Robert Jordan, Heinlein, and the great David Eddings. I miss them. There are too few writers of their calibre today - Janny Wurts is one, Trudi Canavan comes close. Surely there are still great fantasy writers, but these days getting published is harder than ever.

But none of those could tell a story quite so well as Anne McCaffrey. She may be known for Pern but her best books may be set on other worlds. The Crystal Singer trioligy is one. The Freedom set is great, or at least the first three are. Nimisha's ship is simply fabulous and I always felt there should have been a sequel. And the Tower and the Hive set.

All wonderful.

She was quite simply one of the outstanding authors of the 20th century. The one piece of good news is that I saw at the same time that Dragonflight is to be made into a movie. At last for Pern - although I think Nimisha's Ship would be the better movie, but the studios like sequels so Pern it is. And genuinely good news. It is also pleasing that it was signed before Anne's death so she had the pleasure of knowing a new generation will be introduced to her magnificent creation.

I do wonder though. Had the movies been made sooner would Anne McCaffrey be more famous than Jo Rowling? I think she would.

Anne's books have brought me immense pleasure over the years. I have cried into them when sad. Been inspired by heroines and the occasional hero. Dreamt of impressing a dragon ... Well a girl can dream. And that's what Anne gave us: pleasant dreams.

Rest in peace.